Our Services

Our pancake artists cater to all events! Hire our team for your birthday celebrations, grand openings, fundraisers and more in any city, state or country. Get Caked can meet all your dietary needs while creating delicious custom pancake art. If you want the most extraordinary pancake art created by extraordinary people, make sure to inquire below.

We Create Any Design

Our artists can make any design that you can think of. Each artist will put their own special touch on your requests such as faces, pets and characters. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

We Travel Worldwide

We are based in the city of Los Angeles, but our mobile pancake art event services allow us to go anywhere you need us!

We Value an Extraordinary Experience

Events are designed to bring people together for a unique pancake party. Our goal is to inspire creativity while guests get together, share laughs and create memories while enjoying art. The best part is everyone gets to eat their own personal pancake design and leave with a one of a kind experience.


Not every pancake is a perfect pancake, but as long as you cover it in syrup it is always tasty!

Our Work



Jasmine began creating pancake art with no prior art or culinary experience. The idea of pursuing pancake art stemmed shortly after reading an article that said that as humans, the way that our brains learn and develop skills, we can learn any skill in the world. Shortly after her first pancake, she found that making pancake art gave her the ability to connect and make everlasting memories with the people around her. Her vision is to inspire people to try and follow any skill that they wish to learn. Finally after several imperfect pancakes and much perseverance, Get Caked was born.
As Get Caked has grown over the years, so has our team! The first thought Jasmine had was to reach out to the people she trusted, her friends and family. Luckily, she found that everything she needed was already within reach with the people she cares about most, her roommates and girlfriend! Each team member that we have has their own unique story of how they came to join the team aside from all of us living together(true story). Check below to see our artists unbelievable stories about how they came to join the Get Caked pancake art family!

Meet The Caked Crew

Our goal is to provide an exceptional level of service while aiming to create lasting partnerships with our clients by making new memories through pancake art...We'd love to flip your cakes.